A 2nd Philosophy Course at the University of Notre Dame

Can philosophy help us find meaning and purpose at work?

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Work plays a deeply important role in our lives. Finding good work -- which, for many of us, means getting a meaningful job you’re passionate about -- can seem like the crucial factor in determining whether your life goes well or poorly, and whether you end up happy and fulfilled or miserable and empty. But things aren’t nearly so simple. What kind of work is available to anyone in particular is largely determined by factors outside of our control. And when it comes to work, we’re notoriously bad at predicting what aspects of a job we’ll find meaningful and fulfilling, and which will drain us of life and energy. In this course, we will focus on the most urgent questions facing anyone trying to discern what their life’s work will be.

Course Calendar

Instead of a "syllabus" with a "list of readings," this course makes use of an interactive calendar. Everything you need to know about the course -- what we're reading, what you should be thinking about, what you should be doing -- is included either there or on the "Policies and Assignments" page.

Upcoming Topics

  1. Consumption

    Mar 22
  2. Status Anxiety

    Mar 27